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We help our clients transform their businesses and become leaders in their sectors
products rethink talk


  • An inspiring talk about the changes transforming the professions.
    • Duration: 1,5 hours plus 30 to 40 minutes for questions and debate.


Because of the speed at which the changes are happening, professionals must provide their services in a market of growing uncertainty. To anticipate and adapt to this complex, uncertain environment it is essential for them to leave behind the conventional framework and rethink what they know and do in their work.


The aim of Rethink Talk is to stimulate thought and action beyond the traditional frames of reference in the professions. We present case studies from large and small organizations throughout the world that are using technology and innovative working methods and launching disruptive products and services in different professional sectors.


The talk is designed for firms of lawyers, economists, auditors, consultants, architects, advisers, medical centers, operations departments of businesses, professional organizations and associations that want broad knowledge of how their professions are changing and how to anticipate the changes.


If your organization has concerns about the future or if you want to do new or different things and don’t know how to start, Rethink Talk is your first option.

products rocket workshop


  • An innovation workshop to generate high-impact services, products and processes
    • Duration: 1 morning, 1 or 2 days (plus the implementation time for the ideas).


During a morning or one or two days, we guide the team of professionals using our own methods combining cooperation techniques, design thinking and client development. The aim is to identify two or three ideas to create new products or services to generate income, processes to reduce costs, improve the client experience or increase sales, brand designs and strategies and innovative communication.

We can help your firm or organization to implement the ideas arising from the workshop, designing, creating and testing the prototype service, product, process or brand. To do this, we use agile methodologies, lean start-up techniques and storyboard tools. We want the new ideas to produce a big return over time. To help with this, we support you and monitor the product, process or design during the first year.

Rocket Workshop is an option you can consider if you run or are part of a law, consultancy, audit or advice firm or architecture partnership; if you are a professional working at a company or institution and want to generate successful innovative ideas; or if you have ideas and need help to put them into practice.

products fast digital project


  • Digital transformation project to increase business

    • Duration: 2 or 3 weeks (plus project implementation time).


Fast Digital Project begins with an objective assessment of the state of the digital transformation of the firm, center or professional institution. The audit includes four key dimensions of digital change: the business model, the people, and the management and marketing processes. The results of the assessment will allow us to find the areas requiring action and suggest the right actions and technological tools to achieve the transformation objectives agreed with the organization.
These objectives can be approached by designing a social selling strategy or a cloud computing system; automating a process (for example, banking or insurance claim procedures); designing a new service based on artificial intelligence or machine learning; or creating a client data analysis system (small o big data) to detect business opportunities. Every action and tool will be implemented using flexible methods with painstaking monitoring of the project’s success indicators.

Fast Digital Project is ideal for firms of lawyers, advisers, economists or auditors, architecture partnerships and businesses or organizations from any professional sector that are trying to adapt their business model to the digital era, position themselves ahead of the competition and increase the sales and profitability of their businesses.

products innolab


  • External innovation department to make you stand out.

    • Duration: depending on the organization’s needs and objectives.


We can operate as the innovation department of your firm, business or institution. For as long as you need, we will train people from your organization in creative design techniques, flexible processes, lean methods and digital skills. We will help you create disruptive products and services, manage internal innovation processes and generate an innovation culture extending to the entire organization, making you stand out from your competitors.

To achieve provable, scalable results, we use intrapreneurship techniques, open innovation and startupmethods.

This service is aimed at firms of lawyers, economists, architects, medical centers and professional service businesses or organizations that want to have all the benefits of an innovation department for a lower cost.

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